UTALITY is dedicated to delivering quality software and services to IBM’s z/OS mainframe customers running mission critical DB2 based applications. Our solutions are designed to automate routine DB2 tasks and improve the DBA productivity.

UTALITY offers Total Utility Control for DB2 z/OS, the ultimate solution to automate DB2 object maintenance routine tasks, such as backups, reorgs and statistics collection. We do not provide our own utility suite. Instead, we support all the IBM DB2 utilities and any other available third party utility vendor package. TUC simply determines which objects require processing, generates the necessary jobs and statements and executes the workload using the selected utility package.

UTALITY is focused in improving the database administrator productivity by automating repeatable tasks and minimizing manual effort. We have developed our solutions based on years of hands-on experience in installing and customizing DB2 environments and DB2 tools from various vendors and implementing maintenance procedures for large DB2 shops. The functionality of our solution is derived from field knowledge and is based on customers’ needs and constraints.